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Metal processing

There are many types of metals. In the recycling industry, they can be divided into "non-ferrous metals" (Include copper, aluminum, lead, zinc, nickel, tin, antimony, mercury, magnesium and titanium) and "ferrous metals" (The collective term for iron, chromium and manganese also includes alloys of these three metals, especially alloy steel and steel).


Chung's Recycle International Limited, mainly processes scrap aluminum. In daily life, aluminum is widely used, and the common uses are:

  1. Cookware to furniture

  2. Packaging (aluminum cans, aluminum frames, etc.)

  3. Production of vehicles (cars, airplanes, boats, bicycles, etc.)

  4. Building and construction (windows, roofs, etc.)

  5. Electricity-related uses (conductor alloys, motors and generators, transformers, etc.)

  6. Mechanical equipment (processing equipment, pipes, tools)

  7. Portable computer case

According to the “ 2019 Hong Kong Solid Waste Monitoring Report ” of the Environmental Protection Department, it can be seen that even if scrap metal has the highest value in the external market, it has the highest recovery rate of 91% among all recyclables, but it can be seen that the amount of discarded metal is still very high.


In view of this, we actively recycle and process aluminum scrap. After processing, the collected aluminum scrap is turned into recycled materials so that the scrap metal can be reused.

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