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(ITAD) Hard disk recycling/hard disk destruction service:


In the face of advanced technology, people will store their personal data in electronic products such as computer hard drives for convenience. When the computer hard drive fails or the data no longer needs to be stored, the most direct treatment is to replace or discard it. Compared with the past society, the general public is paying more and more attention to "privacy", no body is willing to spread their relevant information in the society. In addition, data breaches have occurred in recent years, so the protection of sensitive information is particularly important. Safely handle the discard hard drive to prevent the leakage of private information is crucial.

Direct disposal is not an environmentally friendly or proper disposal method. In view of this, Chung's Recycle International Limited provides hard disk recycling and hard disk destruction services. The collected hard disks will be treated confidentiality and in an environmentally friendly methods.


Hard disk handling in a room with high privacy can prevent information leakage, but this is not enough. In addition to the requirements for the operating site, we also have certain indicators for the ethics and related categories of the operators. Exclusive space for processing hard disks, closed-circuit televisions are installed in the venue, the handling process will be photographed, certificate can be provided, etc., to ensure that the entire process is handled in the safest, responsible way, and in an environmentally friendly way.


As a member of the recycling industry, we often see that a lot of waste products are still like new products, or some seemingly dilapidated items are dumped in the garbage dump, but in fact these have reusable value. "Customer-oriented" is the company's service philosophy. In view of this, we deal with it in different ways according to the requirements of customers. For example, shredding, a large factory-style machine is used to directly shred the hard disk physically, and the processed hard disk is completely scrapped. "To make the best use of everything, and to use it in the right way" is the aim of our company. The following two methods may be a better way for the sake of our environment.


Method 1) Environmentally friendly recycling


For hard drives that can be reused, we will first remove the original data to ensure that the files are completely destroyed. After the original data is completely erased, a basic test will be performed on the hard drive to check the basic functions to see if it has reusable value. If the test is successfully passed, the hard drive can be re-launched in the second-hand market as a second-hand new product. 


Method 2) Dismantling and destroying


Chung's Recycle International Limited, licensed with a circuit board export permit, will directly dismantle hard drives and separate their components. For example, the circuit boards will be exported to a smelting factory. After a series of processes, the metal contained in the PCB will then converted back to raw materials. The aluminum separated from the hard disk will be shredded by the metal processing machine at our site thereby convert back to its original form.

The hard disk will be transported point-to-point by a professional fleet to ensure the safety. Generally speaking, it will be weighed and then unloaded at the designated area. During the process, photos will be taken for recording. The operator will handle the hard disk based on the customer's requirements. If necessary, a destruction certificate can be provided.

Hard disk recycling/hard disk destruction service operation process :


For those who are interested,  welcome to hand in the items in person

or wait for the pickup at you own cost:

1. Take photos of the items and provide basic information (such as quantity, packaging, size)

2.   Email to or Whatsapp (852)5211-5527, and leave the contact information

3.  We will contact you as soon as possible, and a quotation will be given.

4.  After confirming, you can deliver it in person at the appointed time: DD121, Long Hon Road, Yuen Long, New Territories, Hong Kong, or wait for the pickup

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